About Us


We going by the name of ‘Supreme Cannabis Dispensary’ happen to sell some of the best cannabis infused products since our inception back in 2011. We serve for many of our customers as an online based Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Over the years we have sealed our place as one of the trusted companies that supply medical marijuana and weed for sale keeping a close watch on the demands of the patients. So far our repute has enabled to serve a customer base that is spread across 87 countries and we do end up selling various marijuana based edibles, extracts of cannabis, and online medical marijuana.

We are that premiere shopping destination that always offers the chance for our customers to buy every type of weed online that too from the comfort of their very home. All that is required for our customers is to access our site, create an account and then log in to order weed online and pick up the right amount of weed that they seek. We always go by the law and as our customers know very well, in recent times, the sale and use of weed for medical purposes has earned legal recognition making trade easier.

All that it takes, as of now, for a customer to book Medical Marijuana or Cannabis online is the simple click of a button. We always get every medicine as ordered by our clients right on time even if it is about orders in bulk. What’s more, we also offer many gifts with the large orders that the customers have placed with us. And the gifts can be like;

  • Cannabis infused edibles
  • Free bud
  • Pre rolled joints with high quality staff and more

We do showcase on our websites a number of medicating options. One may very well choose from various Marijuana strains like Indica, Sativa, Shatter wax, hybrid, various candles, cookies and cannabis oils. A wide array of products we particularly showcase to fulfil every demand of consumers. Thus customers know exactly where to head for when buying marijuana online.

In account of medical marijuana strains alone, we go on to stock from sour diesel to headband, green crack, girl scout cookies, granddaddy purple, jack herer, bubba kush, blue cheese, lemon haze, skywalker OG, Abusive OG and various others as well. One easy way for the consumers to check out the available list is certainly to check the website.

The extract products that we offer includes varieties like wax, crumble, honey oil, cannabis oil for vape, hashish and more. We as the Supreme Cannabis Dispensary can assure to our customers that we pretty much deliver to customers almost every place across the world.

So instead of waiting furthermore, all our interested customers can really do is complete their registration and place their orders within just 5 minutes. It is very much like shopping for any other items that people do online.

Should one still want to know more about us, do feel free to contact. We have our contact email addresses and phone numbers all displayed in our websites. We also have our very personal newsletters for subscription. Our social media presence is also very strong and that too acts as a great source of information for our valuable customers.